December 16, 2017

Excerpt: Alternative Cures

[From Page 261]

An herbal cocktail that stops the flu in 24 hours…

There are many different herbs and foods that can help beat the flu, and  you can blend quite a few of them in one flu-chasing cocktail, which Dr. Holyk recommends drinking twice a day when you have the flu. Here’s what it includes:

  • One or two cloves of garlic. Garlic is a potent antiviral food, sparking natural killer cells and other immune factors into action. Chop the cloves of garlic as fine as possible before putting them in the blender, which helps release the active ingredients.
  • Three droppers of Echinacea tincture. This classic herbal remedy for upper respiratory infections increases the production of white blood cells, lymphocytes, and macrophages, which are immune system factors that fight the flu virus.
  • Three droppers of goldenseal tincture. It helps reduce the irritation and inflammation in the lining of your respiratory tract, soothing a cough or sore throat.
  • Three droppers of cat’s claw tincture. Used for centuries by people in the Andes, this herb is well-known among alternative practitioners as a powerful immune booster.
  • A pinch of cayenne pepper. It helps thin mucus and improves circulation.
  • The juice of ½ lemon. Lemon juice helps clean the liver so that it can more effectively process all the toxins generated by the body as it fights the flu.
  • Six to 8 ounces of organic tomato or vegetable juice. This is the base of the drink.

Once you have everything ready, put the ingredients in a blender along with a couple of ice cubes to make the drink more palatable. After blending, sip it slowly for a few minutes. Drink the mixture twice a day for the duration of the flu, which, thanks to the cocktail, should be mercifully short, says Dr. Holyk.