January 22, 2018

Health Book Packager

Packaging Health Books for Publishers and the Health Industry

You might be asking yourself, “What’s a book packager?”

A book packager is an editorial company that does everything in the book process but print, distribute and publicize a book. The packager makes sure the book is:

  • Written
  • Edited
  • Designed (cover and interior)
  • Copy-edited
  • Proofread
  • Indexed

The packager then delivers a print-ready digital file to the publisher that has contracted for the book. A book packager can also create a book for a non-publishing company that wants a customized book.

Two examples will help explain the above scenarios. To date, my company Good For You Books has packaged two products.

Healing Spices. My company signed a contract with Sterling Publications, based on a proposal edited by me, and written by an expert on spices and health (Bharat Aggarwal, PhD), and a top health writer (Debora Yost), both of whom had contracts with Good For You Books. I edited the book. I hired a designer to design the interior of the book. I hired a copy-editor, proofreader and index for the book. And my company Good For You Books delivered print-ready files to Sterling in the summer of 2010, for a January 2011 publication.

The Nitric Oxide (NO) Solution. This book was packaged for the company, Neogenis, which manufacturers and markets a unique NO-boosting supplement. They wanted an educational book about NO to support their product and marketing campaign. I conceived and wrote the book, in collaboration with two experts working with Neogenis (Nathan Bryan, PhD and Janet Zand, OMD). My company also packaged the book, which was self-published by Neogenis.

  • If you’re a publisher looking for a book packager in the field of health to deliver top-quality books …
  • If you’re a health company who wants a custom-created book to support your product …

… then please use my contact form to let me know about your publication goals, so we can schedule a meeting to discuss how I might help you meet them.

Yours for better health,